Introducing Zbizlink

ZDAAS is proud to launch Zbizlink. This powerful enterprise software as a service (SaaS) tool cloud-based and fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

ZBizlink uses a normalized transactional database as well as a separate data analytical warehouse for tracking, reporting, and statistics.

Advances features include:

  • Procurement Management—Locates and lists new proposals and solicitations (RFPs/RFRs/RFQs, etc.).
  • Capture Management—Identifies and gathers information to determine successful bid strategies; provides proposal response templates; automatically plugs in appropriate content; identifies and suggests proposal team members; provides collaboration tools for teams to work together to submit successful and complete proposal responses.
  • Vendors Management—Organizes and collects data and performance metrics for vendors.
  • Evaluation & Assessment Scoring—Analyzes, compares, and rates vendors’ proposal submissions.
  • Information Access & Sharing—the user-friendly dashboard provides real-time information that drives dynamic communication and awareness. All collaborators have access to standard and customized proposal-project reports 24/7.
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