ZDAAS Hosted Internship Program

ZDAAS recently participated as spring semester host of Liberty’s Promise interns. Liberty’s Promise works to support immigrant youth in community involvement, college-access, and preparing for gainful employment in Baltimore high schools. ZDAAS graciously hosted 4 interns and Ms. Samina Amjad mentored and guided them through the imperative skills needed in the modern job market. The interns learned about software, how to digitally market, website development, and how to be in a professional environment. High school students, and especially those who are immigrants, are rarely given the opportunity to learn hands-on how to be a professional. The interns who worked with Ms. Amjad all reported growing in responsibility, computer skills, and understanding work place expectations. Due to her enthusiasm and comprehensive knowledge, the interns had a comfortable and fun learning experience. ZDAAS provided these students with an invaluable opportunity that they will carry with them through the success of all of their future careers!

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